Zoom Webinar: Streamlining the Prescribing Process with Price Transparency Technology

November 4, 1:00pm, MST - 2:00pm, MST


Cost: Free

Event Topic:

Streamlining the Prescribing Process with Price Transparency Technology: Best Practices for Prescription Benefit Implementation and Success

Event Summary:

Real-Time Prescription Benefit technologies are not all created equal.  With hundreds of RTPB implementations completed and feedback from top-tier health systems across the country, our team is able to discuss how RTPB can be an asset to your team, and how it can allow for a more informed, frictionless prescribing experience for patients and providers.

Learning Objectives:

#1: Understand what Real-Time Prescription Benefit is and what benefits it can bring to the patient, provider, and health system.

#2: Understand best practices in implementation, configuration, and training for RTPB rollouts.

#3: Understand what health system leaders can do to drive ideal, revenue-generating prescribing behavior.


Now more than ever, hospitals are thinking about how to improve care team workflows and create a better patient experience.  With Real-Time Prescription Benefit (RTPB), physicians can have more informed conversations with patients about cost, and avoid unnecessary work that may arise in the prescribing process. RTPB technology is often available within a physician’s EHR, but not all RTPB tools are created equal.  In order to be successful, an RTPB tool should allow for seamless conversations around prescription costs and convenience.  Further, patients should be confident they are receiving the best, most applicable information available from their doctor.

RxRevu has analyzed vast data (15 million prescribing transactions) this year and implemented RTPB at more than 350 health systems across the country.  Through this work, we are able to share best practices in RTPB implementation, interoperability, and configurability.  In particular, through a virtual presentation with the HIMSS Arizona Chapter, we would be able to highlight:

•          The differences between true Real-Time Prescription Benefit and “all-payer” solutions that may have gaps in data or a lack of accuracy

•          What types of data should be shown at the point-of-care and how additional data can improve the prescribing process, not impede it

•          What types of urgency are driving the need for RTPB implementations in the near future


#1: Adam Rosenberg

Adam has been working with health system leaders for nearly a decade, helping them understand the value of technology and creating strategies for provider efficiencies and improvement.  Prior to RxRevu, Adam worked as a Director at the Advisory Board Company in Washington, DC, implementing best practice solutions at health systems across the country.


#2: Hope Giannetto

Hope Giannetto is the Director of Provider Growth at RxRevu. She has more than 10 years of healthcare software experience, helping teams understand best-in-class solutions to help improve the patient experience. Her current focus is providing innovative tools to healthcare systems to improve the prescribing workflow and benefit the lives of patients.