HIMSS Arizona Chapter Partner Sponsor Spotlight

Below, you will find insights, interviews and free resources provided by our sponsor partners. 

This program is designed to showcase each of our sponsoring partner organizations with regard to their impact in the healthcare industry. Each organization will he highlighted for several weeks through our website, email newsletter and social media campaigns. 

The Q&A format is designed to encourage our sponsors to bring added value to our HIMSS Arizona members through education, advice, offers, and shared resources. We hope you’ll enjoy this addition to our programming.

This month's Partner Sponsor Spotlight...


Here's a short interview with Casey Bourque, Director of Marketing at Web Design Phoenix - a full service website development and online marketing agency. He discusses the value of building brand in today's healthcare world, and how some of the top companies in the industry are delivering value to their audience 24-7.




Casey Bourque
Director of Marketing
Web Design Phoenix
(480) 788-9755
Email Casey


Please describe what your company does and for whom

We're a web development and online marketing agency. Think of us as a scalable "outsourced marketing department" for mid-sized companies and medical organizations. 

We're a one-stop-shop for building and maintaining a modern, results-driven online presence...however you define "results" in your organization.

Our most successful clients today deploy behavior-driven marketing automation - a single system used to run and monitor all your email workflows, social media, and online marketing activity. This is the best way to track results, set up trigger events for delivering relevant content at the right time, and to simplify what can otherwise become extremely complicated workflows. 


Please describe a specific area of your business or services that our HIMSS Members will find interesting or valuable

In the healthcare industry, the most successful organizations have found ways to create a universal sense of security, safety, courtesy and reliability - building their brand. We all know who they are. Often, this messaging has little or nothing to do with the actual services they provide - they're nurturing their audience over time with helpful, interesting, or entertaining content. It can be partially or completely automated nowadays. 

We believe that cultivating the attention of a loyal, trusting audience is the currency of business today. Before you can tell your story, you first need the right people to be listening. We feel strongly that healthcare industry is still grossly underestimating the access we have to underpriced attention on the internet - especially when deployed at the awareness stage of the "buying process".  

My biggest piece of advice for our clients is to avoid being romantic about "what you've always done" or "what worked in the past". Instead, think hard about what questions, problems, challenges, ambitions your target audience has in their lives, and where your audience is consuming information and searching for solutions. Go where that attention is and deliver as much upfront value as possible. 

We believe that there is enormous opportunity for smaller, more agile organizations to break through and grab market share.

The strategy is simple: Deploy a ton of easily consumed, helpful, relevant, and compelling content in formats (video, audio, text) preferred by your target audiences, meeting them in the places where they look for information (web, social, email, etc.)

Tactics and technology will certainly change over time, but the mission of garnering attention and earning trust does not.


Here are a few complimentary ebooks to help you begin the process: 











Please tell us how your company plans to impact the healthcare industry

The healthcare industry touches every one of us. What the internet allows for; which radio, television and print do not, is to create highly personalized and contextual messaging for highly segmented audiences. 

For the first time in history, we don't need to invest 6 or 7 figures in production costs and paid advertisements blanketing the entire population. Even very small companies can produce hundreds of micro messages specifically targeting the interests, challenges, and questions of small groups of people.

For some of our clients, we're producing dozens of pieces of content daily, while many big companies are still running just 3-4 pieces per year and putting massive budget behind those pieces of content. We know that when those marketing dollars shift over to social channels, the cost of attention is going to go through the roof. The window of opportunity is now.   


Can you tell us about a few healthcare organizations that you are currently working with? 

At the moment, there are several healthcare industry projects we're really excited about. We've been working with District Medical Group (DMG) for almost 10 years now. We work with them on maintaining 3 public-facing websites as well as a couple private intranet sites they use for communications and distributing information. 

In a completely different light, we're finishing up an e-commerce shop for a company called Dextronix. They sell medical products (stents, catheters, heart monitors, etc.) directly to veterinarians worldwide. We're also working with them on a new venture to bring their heart monitors to human populations in need. 

A new client of our is called American Medical Solutions. They are a relatively small company requiring an entire rebranding - logo, website, marketing positionsing, etc. They are launching a new practice management software in 1Q 2020 for medical practices and universities. We're in the process of developing awareness and nurturing content with them, as well as installing marketing automations to move their audience toward setting appointments. Their system will allows them to manages all their social media, email, website, and lead tracking in a single location. 


How should interested parties initiate contact with you...next steps?

The best place to begin would be to visit our website WebDesign-Phoenix.com. If you'd like to book time for an exploratory call, please email me directly


Anything else you'd like to add?

I love this video about messaging and brand. It's one of the top TED Talks of all time: a 15-minute presentation by Simon Sinek - How Great Leaders Inspire Action.